If you have a parent who has Alzheimer’s, it is important to know how to take care of them so that they can live the best life possible. You might have to place your parent in a nursing facility, but there are some things you can do to keep them at home. If the person lives at home, then you might want to consider moving your parent in with you so that you can monitor the activities and health. Make the homes as safe as possible. Install rails in the shower, and make sure the toilet (more…)


Treating Sleep Issues In Older Adults

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Physical Examination

Older adults often develop sleeping issues for various reasons such as mood disorders, breathing difficulties, poor muscle tone, aching joints and dental abnormalities. Insomnia occurs frequently in individuals with high levels of stress or lack of exercise. Determining the cause of a sleep issue may require a physical examination by a physician. Grinding the teeth and clenching the jaw due to changes in facial structure prevents a restful sleep. An older adult should see (more…)


The Effects Of Aging On Eye Sight

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As we age, the acuity of our eyesight begins to decline. After the age of 40, many will begin to notice the effects of presbyopia, or farsightedness. This happens because the lens inside the eye becomes hardened. Those with presbyopia can compensate by holding things further away to get a clearer picture, but it is a progressive condition. With age, the eyes will gradually become worse and the need for prescription glasses inevitable.

Another age-related factor of eyesight (more…)


It is really no secret that everyone gets old, if they are lucky, but it doesn’t have to be some kind of dark axe hanging over your head or an overbearing jacket that slides over you and diminishes all sense of independence. You can still be active and maintain some of your independence even in old age and, believe it or not, it starts in your early years and has everything to do with the kinds of healthy decisions you make.

Exercise is key to this and while you don’t necessarily need to be some kind of maniac muscle man to ensure your independence down the road, working out a little each day can help. Some people, when they reach their senior years, are so physically and mentally tired – world weary – that they are ready to let age and retirement slide over them and that’s fine too. I’m just saying you can keep your independence and still live on your own without being a danger to yourself and others and all it takes is some consistent running, maybe a little fitness training and a healthy diet. Turn on the ADT home security and get out of the house for half an hour, or hit the gym. If you take care of your body early on, you won’t have to suffer the consequences when you reach your senior years.


As a person ages their nutritional needs change. Metabolism tends to slow and the body systems change which require the elderly population to keep a sharp eye on their nutritional choices. Appetites decrease and many times an elderly individual eats alone making processed meals an easier choice than cooking for one.

A diet that is rich in nutrients such as vitamin B12 and B6 will ensure the elderly person does not suffer from neurological changes such as confusion and loss of memory. (more…)


America badly needs health care reform, especially for its seniors who are the least able to absorb the rising costs of health care. Some people say that health care reform will eliminate overpayments to private health care plans and, thereby, Medicare patients will save. Health care reform can prevent waste and fraud and, in general, lower costs to seniors.

Many seniors rightly complain about how much of their meager funds health care – especially medications – absorb. Much is heard about the infamous “donut hole,” which is the gap in prescription drug coverage in Medicare Part D. Health care reform (more…)


How To Find A Home Elder Care Service

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Finding a home elder care service is a choice facing many adult caregivers today. Seniors are living longer due to improvements in health care, diet, nutrition and exercise, and while many enjoy independence over the entire course of their considerable lifespans, many others eventually require care in the comfort and privacy of their own or family homes. Choosing an elder care service to provide for the needs of aging loved ones is not a task to be undertaken lightly, as care for our family members is an important and valuable (more…)


Arthritis And Osteoporosis are caused by various things, so avoiding them can be easy in some situations and impossible in others. For example, arthritis that is caused by genetics or a problem in the immune system would be difficult to fix. Arthritis that is caused by wear and tear on the joints can be avoided.

Taking vitamin supplements is a great way to try to prevent arthritis. Vitamin D is very good for women in particular in preventing rheumatoid arthritis. Calcium is also a very good nutrient (more…)